Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Tuesday, July 13

Main Sessions

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Opening Keynote

Dr. Tim Persons, Chief Scientist and Managing Director of the Science, Technology Assessment, and Analytics team, GAO



From Recruitment to Retirement: Prioritizing the Future Federal Workforce

Patrick Murphy, former Congressman and former Under Secretary, U.S. Army; Senior Managing Director, Akura

Jonathan Benett, Technical Director for Digital Government Solutions, Adobe Systems Federal


While the COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges across industries, it has greatly accelerated efforts to improve digital services, incorporate new technologies, and build and maintain a workforce that is able to operate effectively and efficiently in a remote or hybrid environment. During this session, hear from former Congressman and Under Secretary of the U.S. Army Patrick Murphy and Adobe’s Jonathan Benett as they explore how technologies and digital-first processes can power the federal workforce - from recruitment to retirement - and enhance digital services for the American people.

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What will the future of Federal work look like?

Danielle Brian, Executive Director, Project On Government Oversight

Elaine Kamarck, Senior Fellow in the Governance Studies Program and Director of the Center for Effective Public Management, Brookings Institution

Dr. Ronald Sanders, Director of USF’s School of Public Affairs, University of South Florida

Ross Gianfortune, Editor, Government Executive


A change in administration means a change in people, politics, and practices. But it also means a continuation of operations. During this session, we’ll explore Federal work changes that are here to stay. For example, what are the implications of Biden’s directive rescinding the Trump administration’s workforce orders? How will the Federal workforce readjust for the future? What plans does the Federal workforce have to reskill and retrain its workers?

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The Adaptive Workplace

Brittani Plaisance, Behavioral Scientist, Infor

Matt Garret, Senior Manager, Deloitte

Lucy Elizabeth Melvin, Senior Manager, Deloitte


The disruptive effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have taught us that people can be engaged and productive when working away from the office. This learning has caused many organizations to rethink where and how their employees will work as quarantining restrictions are lifted, including moving to an adaptive workplace designed to capitalize on the benefits of both in-office work and telecommuting. This session will feature thought leaders from Deloitte and Infor sharing insights and best practices about how to maximize the benefits of the adaptive workplace in your organization, including the best ways to implement an adaptive workplace and how to ensure employees are prepared to thrive in the new environment.

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Rebooting Government Work

Michele Bartram, Customer Experience Officer (CXO), U.S. Census Bureau

Frank R. Konkel, Executive Editor, Nextgov


Without a doubt, the pandemic-induced shift to remote work revealed many tech solutions that are here to stay. But what are their implications? During this session, we’ll explore the consequences of remote work, from employee monitoring, to Infrastructure management & TIC, to secure teleworking.

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Lunch Break


Federal Workforce Priorities and Protections

Tony Reardon, National President, National Treasury Employees Union

Erich Wagner, Staff Correspondent, Government Executive


While frontline health and essential workers bore the brunt of the pandemic’s ravaging effects, work-from-home shifts inflicted a host of challenges for employees as well. During this session, we’ll explore the importance of government worker protections and what the pandemic revealed about Federal work, from essential frontline workers to remote program managers. We’ll discuss how Federal agencies have adjusted to ensure better working conditions, from the home office to the hospital wing. We’ll investigate new protocols and the potential for revised OSHA standards, improved communications, innovative onboarding, and more, while also uncovering areas for future improvement across Federal agencies.

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Envisioning Government’s Hybrid Future: A Spotlight on the Office of Naval Research

CDR Pete Ladowicz, Executive Assistant , Chief of Naval Research

Carrie-Anne Mosely, Area Vice President, Federal, DocuSign


The COVID-19 pandemic brought its fair share of challenges, including uprooting many agency workflows and processes and forcing a quick shift in how government employees work, communicate internally, and deliver on their mission. During this session, DocuSign’s Carrie-Anne Mosely will sit down with Pete Ladowicz from the Office of Naval Research to explore the evolving environment for the federal workforce and what the future of work could look like for government and defense employees. They’ll also discuss the programs and initiatives the Office of Naval Research has established to better prepare and enhance the employee experience in this new, hybrid environment.

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Editorial Spotlight

Ryan Ko, Chief of Staff, Code For America

Aaron Boyd, Senior Editor for Technology and Events, Nextgov